Beyond the call of duty

November 16, 2017

Last weekend was a testing one for our carers looking after one of our clients (let’s call him Pete), who is severely disabled , got stuck in his house because the lift outside his house stopped working. If this wasn’t enough our Friday carer got stuck in the house with him for two hours and had to call the Fire Brigade to release the lift. Unfortunately, the Fire Brigade couldn’t help without damaging the broken lift so our carer had to climb out of the window to get himself out.

Emergency repair staff at the Council, who are responsible for the lift, were called at 5.20pm on Friday but nothing could be done until the next week.

Our Saturday carer went in and also became stuck. After two hours and another call to the Fire Brigade she managed to extricate herself and carry on with the rest of her calls. Undeterred, she returned to the house for the rest of the weekend with a small step ladder so that she could get in and out of the house.

During the following week she tried to arrange a visit to the pub for Pete but, by the time it was arranged, Pete had been moved into respite until such time as the lift is fixed.

Many thanks to the carers (Shaun and Laurence) involved and to Becky who was on call over that weekend who had to deal with carers, other clients whose calls were affected by trapped carers, the Fire Brigade, Safeguarding, Emergency repairs and Social Workers.

Our carers are unsung heroes who, on a daily basis, have to overcome these sorts of challenges. Never let anyone say that carers are ‘just carers’ – they are the eyes and ears for all our vulnerable clients who frequently go the extra mile to help them out in difficult situations.

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