The app

03 March 2021

What a great way to keep up-to-date with your parents’ care. This app lets you know all aspects of your parents’s care with updates sent directly to your phone minutes after every care visit. All provided free of charge with all care packages. Please contact the office for further details so that we can set

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The jab

29 January 2021

We are pleased to report that most of our carers (across all three offices)  have now received their Covid 19 vaccinations which is a great start to beat this dreadful disease. We are also aware that vaccinations have started amongst our clients although we are not always told when they have had their vaccinations. Carers

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Trudi at 100

17 November 2020

How fantastic to see Trudi in Abingdon, with a pile of all her birthday cards, reach the grand age of 100. And she was still young enough to put out a request on social media for all her friends not to forget her birthday!! Let’s hope she didn’t miss the card from the Queen.

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Digital roll-out across all branches

12 November 2020

This month we completed our digital implementation across all three offices so that all carers now have company owned phones which they use to make a record of all the tasks they have performed during each care visit. These records go straight back to the office so that office staff are fully equipped to respond

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