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February 3, 2019

As part of our need to recruit, train and retain better carers we have done a great deal of work in defining our Values. Once defined we have incorporated our Values into our interview process so that we ask less about what carers know about care (this is all covered as part of the training process) and more about what motivates them to become carers. We have then gone on to print our Values on posters displayed throughout our offices, meeting rooms and training rooms so that we are reminded of our Values – always useful when a particular situation hasn’t been dealt with as well as it should. Values are also incorporated into both the client and staff handbooks so that all stakeholders in the company can see what we believe in.

Already we believe we are recruiting better carers – particularly those with a ‘face that fits’. Better carers means a better service for our clients, more consistency of care for our clients, lower recruitment costs and happier carers. All our Values are listed on the Vision, mission, and Values page of the website.


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