Regulation & Standards

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission – a Government body responsible for standards of care in hospitals, care homes, home care providers, GP practices and other care settings.

We are a registered Home Care provider and have to meet certain standards in respect of training, policies and good governance, which are inspected regularly by the Care Quality Commission.

Unfortunately there are other providers and carers who have found ways of working without being regulated by the Care Quality Commission and which allow them to charge lower fees than registered providers have to charge.

Some of the key issues that have to be considered when choosing between Regulated and Unregulated care are the following:

Are the carers employed by the Care provider?

If the answer is no then the carers are not answerable to the Care provider and may not have adequate training and may not have undergone thorough pre-employment checks such as references and criminal record checks.

Who is responsible for tax, NI, minimum wage requirements?

If the carers are not employed by the care provider they may be employed by the person receiving their care who is therefore responsible for any underpayments of income tax & national insurance.

Who is called if the carer fails to attend their calls or if the standard of care is not of the required standard?

Regulated care providers will have a written complaints policy, an office to call with helpful staff and a group of carers who should be able to stand in for an absent carer (who may be sick or on holiday). Unregulated carers may not have any such service and may simply say that all issues have to be dealt with directly between the carer and the person receiving the care (which isn’t very easy to do if the carer isn’t answering his/her phone).

We are therefore very different to Unregulated Care providers – employed carers, inspected service and fully accountable for the care that we provide. We provide peace of mind – something which Unregulated carers cannot do.