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What makes our live-in care so special

At 1st Homecare we know how tricky it can be to manage care during carers’ daily breaks and also at the times when our carers need a rest from care and have to visit their own families. We manage this by having a team who are dedicated to our Live-In service whose job it is to manage all aspects of finding the right carers to match our client’s needs and to find alternative carers when the original carers take their periodic breaks.

Our Live-In service covers a large area, including the Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and neighbouring counties. Additionally we have three domiciliary care branches in the local area who can provide extra back up if there are any emergency situations (such as carer’s illness) and who can help with those times when the live-in carer needs a break during the day.

The presence of a local branch also allows us to be very flexible when care needs move between Live-in and less intensive Domiciliary care. Surprisingly we find that this happens quite often when our clients recover from illness or find that our Live-in carers have given them a new lease of life. Either way we will happily provide one type of care or the other according to what we all agree is the right level of care.

A Client’s Story...

How does live-in care work in practice?

The first step would be for Sinead (pictured above) or Shelley to visit the home of the person to be cared for so that an assessment can made which goes through all the care requirements such as medication, support aids and any manual handling requirements.

Once complete we suggest a few carers with written profiles of those who we suggest would be a good match.

Then we’d put together a Care Plan setting out what our carer will do during the course of each day.

Once care starts our carer will complete a note of work done and any observations so that we, in the office, and family members using the app, can read about all care issues.

As the carer/client relationship grows we often see a close bond between client and carer as seen with these pictures of Maureen (our client) and Magda (our carer). In these pictures you can see how much Maureen enjoyed dressing up for her 90th birthday and how much she enjoyed getting out into the garden with Magda.

Magda works with us for a few months at a time and then goes back to her home country (Poland) for a few weeks and then comes back to live at Maureen’s. Importantly, when Magda is away we arrange for another carer to live at Maureen’s so that care continues to be provided by 1st Homecare dependent on your needs and requirements.

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We are delighted to announce that we have won a ‘Highly Commended’ Award at the annual national Home Care Awards

The category of award was for best start- up for our new Live-In Service, which we introduced over two years ago. The key aspect of our Live-in work is that our 3 domiciliary branches are very good at referring existing clients and also new enquirers to our Live-in team and both teams are very good at liaising resources especially when care packages require a combination of live-in and domiciliary care.

Four years in a row! We win another Top 20 Award

The annual Home Care Awards recognises the top 20 most recommended Home Care Groups in the UK.   

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