February 15, 2019

When you came onto the website you may have been asked to talk to us using livechat which is a way of interacting with visitors to the website. We are using it on a trial basis and early signs are that it is a great way to give information to visitors. Yesterday we had a great conversation with someone in Spain looking for care for her mother in the UK. And later that evening we helped a job seeker who wanted to know if a particular vacancy was still open.

The way I look at its usefulness is to compare the situation to that of a shop whereby livechat is the equivalent of having a shop assistant asking if he/she can help with anything. If any visitors have a view of its usefulness please let me know (by livechat, email, phone, post or in person). Personally I like to speak with shop assistants on the rare occasions when I go shopping so I welcome the opportunity to help visitors to the website.

John Rennison



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