Digital progress

October 15, 2020

This week we launched Access Care Planning in our Leighton Buzzard branch as part of our group-wide digital roll-out. Instead of paper records being written by carers in client homes the carers now complete tasks performed on an app so that the details are sent straight to the office on completion of each care visit. This allows office staff to be better able to deal with queries that arise. Medication records are now also recorded in this way so that we can query them on the same day rather than when paper records are returned to the office. We can also respond to queries from family members, social workers and medical staff and even send them copies of records without having to visit the client homes to retrieve written records.

An additional benefit is a next of kin app whereby family members can have access to the care data on a real time basis so that they have peace of mind that their family members have received their visits on a particular day. This feature is especially useful for family members who can’t visit every day.

With Oxford and Leighton Buzzard now on the new system, Kings Langley will follow next month.

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