Digital roll-out across all branches

November 12, 2020

This month we completed our digital implementation across all three offices so that all carers now have company owned phones which they use to make a record of all the tasks they have performed during each care visit. These records go straight back to the office so that office staff are fully equipped to respond to any queries from family and social workers and so they can review any problems that were highlighted by the carers. Family members of clients can also use a near identical app to review the same details so that they can see that the family member looked after by 1st Homecare has received her care visit and even see what he/she had for lunch! We even have a digital ‘post it note’ which allows client family to remind carers to do certain small tasks during their visits.

Without doubt this is the way forward with domiciliary care and anyone looking for a new care provider for their loved ones should be asking if this capability is availability with their new care provider. It allows for more time caring and less time writing, a more responsive office, and more confidential data (password protected phones instead of a care book available to all visitors in the client’s home)

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