Vision Mission Values


We aim to be an outstanding care provider within the Northern Home Counties, providing our clients with first class care, using every means available, to achieve the best possible outcomes for them.


The Company’s objectives are as follows:

  • To assist clients to maintain their independence and quality of life in their own home
  • To provide the best possible service with a friendly, caring and compassionate approach
  • To provide appropriate trained and skilled staff that fit our clients’ needs
  • To provide continuity of care wherever possible
  • To respect the dignity and privacy of our clients


In order to achieve the above we have an internal set of values by which we judge ourselves. These values are introduced during the interview process for all staff and are embedded in everything we do as part of our processes for training and supervising all our staff.

Compassion is at the heart of everything we do for our clients, combining humanity, kindness and care. Read More...  Read Less...
Respect and dignity
We value each of our clients as an individual.  We respect their aspirations and commitments and seek to understand and promote their priorities, needs, abilities and limits.  When providing care, we treat our clients with dignity, we aim to support and empower them and to respect their right to make their own decisions. Read More...  Read Less...
Openness and honesty
We are open and honest about our service.  We say what we can and cannot do, we will provide our clients with the service that we have undertaken to provide and will not take on a client where we do not have the capability to provide the service needed.  Our fees are transparent: we charge our clients in line with what we have recorded in our contract – there are no hidden fees.  While we work hard to provide the highest quality service, if we get it wrong, we will say, and we will learn from what went wrong and make appropriate changes to our service and to our operations to improve the service we provide.  We believe in a non-hierarchical and “open door” approach, whereby any member of staff can speak to senior management and the directors.   We seek to employ care workers who are able to take responsibility and who are not afraid to own up if they get something wrong, and who are willing to learn and develop from their mistakes and who have the courage to speak out if they see something that they think is wrong. Read More...  Read Less...
Collaborative working
We firmly believe in taking into account the views of all those involved in the care of our clients -social workers, family members, doctors, nurses, office staff and carers – and in working with them all.  Each carer is a valued part of our team and we listen to our carers and value their contribution and input, given that they see our clients on a daily basis and are often the first to notice changes in the wellbeing and health of our clients. Read More...  Read Less...
Commitment to quality of care
We believe that we can only provide the best possible care if we recruit, train and retain the best staff who share 1st Homecare’s values and who are committed to 1st Homecare’s vision.  We value our staff for their commitment and passion in providing our clients with great care.  We recognise that mistakes do occur, but when they do, we expect an honest reflection from all those involved so that future errors can be prevented. Read More...  Read Less...
Caring with a smile
Everyone responds to a smile.  We believe that there is always time for a smile, no matter how busy life is.  We know some of our clients spend long hours alone and look forward to our carers’ visits to brighten their day.  We aim to recruit cheerful staff and expect them to try to leave their problems at home and to do their best to bring a smile to all those they see or speak to during the course of the working day. We also believe this applies to office staff using the phones for much of the day because we believe that you can always hear a smile! Read More...  Read Less...
"C and I and all the family would like to thank you for your all your help and the excellent care you provided to C over the past year. The carers are truly wonderful people and showed enormous kindness and friendship to C, and also to ourselves. C and we became very attached to them and we thank them warmly and wish all of them and you all the very best for the future. It was also so helpful that they were able to be with C when she was in hospital over that last month and a great comfort for her to have friendly and familiar faces at her bedside all the time. Thank you."
"My father has vascular dementia and cognitive problems from a stroke he survived 4 years ago. Just before Christmas, Dad became extremely ill and was rushed into hospital. We were told he had about 3 hours to live. His bowel had twisted and his blood pressure was 60/50! I rushed to the hospital along with my family. We were in complete shock as his health was failing so quickly. Even the priest turned up and read Dad his last rights. Thankfully Dad hung on in there and pulled through. We all felt so exhausted and decided to go home to freshen up. We later discovered from the nurses that 1st Homecare staff put aside their own plans for Christmas and went to the hospital to make sure dad was ok and had someone with him whilst we took a break. These very special, wonderful carers selflessly went above and beyond to care and help my whole family with their huge hearts and endless kindness. I would highly recommend 1st Homecare to everyone. Thank you"
"My sister and I needed help for my mother back in January 2019 very urgently and 1st Homecare were able to sort out a package for the evening of the next day, which was remarkably good. My mother has very much enjoyed the company of the carers, and my sister and I have enjoyed the peace of mind which it brought. NT (April 2019)"
"When you look for a provider, you look for a friendly and professional service. 1st Homecare (Oxford) Ltd provide both. Sometimes care needs change or are required urgently and the care manager has always been quick to respond and effective- would recommend. DC (April 2019)"
"1st Homecare provide an excellent level of service with consistently high quality staff. 1st Homecare are unique in my experience ensuring each and every person is highly professional, supremely competent and most importantly, sensitive and diligent in their duty of care. I feel myself to be extremely fortunate to have forged such a good relationship with my care provider and, because I am given respect and time, I think of many of my carers as friends and not just employees. Long may it continue. AT (Jan 2020)"
"I am not ill (just old!) but I am very lonely since my husband died and a visit from a carer each morning starts the day on a cheerful note. DS (Jan 2020)"
"Good, professional service received. Thank you. JG (Jan 2020)"
"I cannot fault my care. PE (Jan 2020)"
"I mostly have care from two regular carers and they are excellent to me. Without their care and friendliness I know I would not be where I am now. It's always a pleasure to see them. JP (Jan 2020)"