Case Studies

We feel that the best way to show you how our passion and commitment drives our business is to tell you some real-life stories. All of them illustrate compassionate, collaborative working, respect & dignity and caring with a smile. We strive to achieve these values everyday, so our clients have the best quality of life in the home they love.

Going the extra mile

A few years ago we had a lonely client with no family who had lived in the same house all his life. Unfortunately he had Parkinsons disease and he had let the house fall into disrepair with additional problems with cluttering and vermin. Social Services suggested he move into Long Stay but after 6 months he contacted us to say he wanted to come home. We arranged for the vermin to be eliminated, for a surveyor to check that the house was habitable and we arranged for the purchase of a new washing machine, fridge, and tumble dryer. Our carers volunteered to clean the house, helped him move back in. We arranged hairdressers and a chiropodist and even did a whip round so that he would receive a few small gifts at Christmas. He was doubly incontinent and bedbound but fiercely determined to stay at home where we looked after him for a further 8 years. When he died he had no one to read him a eulogy so our carers stepped up and even provided this because there was no one else at his funeral.


A commitment to care

We recently had a disabled client who required hoisting between his bed and chair but our carers discovered an infestation of bed bugs in his chair. Rather than refuse to provide care for this gentleman we discussed the situation with the local authority who was funding his care and agreed that we use disposable overalls for the carers to wear so that they didn’t transfer the infestation to their other clients (or their own families). The Local Authority has also arranged temporary accommodation for this man so that the property can be properly fumigated before he moves back in to his own home.


Making the right decisions at the right time

We have looked after a disabled client for six years whose principal carer was his mother although we helped with shower visits and hoisting. His mother died recently and our client required 24 hour care so we organised live-in care with another care provider until we could find our own live-in carers who have now settled into the role. Our client then developed a number of complications and was hospitalised for a few weeks but we continued with the live-in arrangement by providing a house sitting service combined with regular visits to the hospital providing meals, post, and much needed companionship. During this time we have worked hard to provide the right care for this client during a period of bereavement and major upheaval for this client. Very often our responsiveness to changing circumstances is the best way of providing safe and effective care.