Electric bikes for carers

September 21, 2019

This week we started trialling electric bikes for some of the carers who do not have driving licences.  Pictured above are Amy and Gemma, together with Chantelle, the Branch Manager, as they take delivery of their new bikes.

The bikes will enable the carers to get to their many clients in their homes far more quickly so that they can spend more of their working day looking after the frail and elderly in and around Leighton Buzzard.  Obviously, another benefit is that the company is not adding further congestion and pollution to Leighton Buzzard, because it is adding two bikes to the road instead of two cars.

Amy, above, said “without this bike I would not have been able to work as a carer because I do not yet have a driving licence”.  Gemma added “this is a great way of getting a little bit of exercise and fresh air while I go about my daily tasks of visiting the frail and elderly”.

Chantelle McCabe, the Branch Manager, explained that this was the company’s first trial in using electric bikes and that it intends to introduce more of them, not just in Leighton Buzzard, but also at the other two 1st Homecare branches in Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire.  Chantelle added; “we are always looking for new ideas to enable carers to spend more time caring and less time driving and doing administration, and we believe our investment in the electric bikes allows us to do this”.


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