Covid update

January 25, 2022

We are still battling on! In January we have had a number of carers and staff members off sick with Covid. Worst hit was in Leighton Buzzard where a number of carers were ill in early January and this week a number of office staff are sick. All have made, or are expected to make, a full recovery.

1 April is the next key deadline for us whereby all our client facing staff must be double-jabbed by this date. Personally I am all in favour of persuasion rather compulsion in this regard and I do hope the Government changes its mind in the regard because care for the elderly will suffer if 80,000 have to leave the care sector as a result of these regulations. Fortunately for 1st Homecare and our lovely clients there are very few carers who will not be fully jabbed by 1 April who will have to seek employment elsewhere.

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