Care & Technology

At 1st Homecare technology has always been a focus for us. From greater contact and transparency between carers, clients and family to improvements in office procedures, we are constantly looking out for exciting ways in which technology can play a part in providing you with a first-class service.

For clients

We are bringing 1st Homecare into the 21st Century by providing family and friends of our clients access to our clients’ care records using an App on their Smart phones. The key benefit of this is that it provides peace of mind to family – especially if work commitments or geography prevents daily visits to loved ones under our care.

As part of this (free of charge) service we give you online access to scheduled and actual call visit times, names of carers, notes of visits relating to each task performed and also allows you to send messages to the office with any particular care concerns that you may have.

Please call your office to find out if this service is available in your area. Full roll-out is expected before the end of 2020.

For carers

Carers can instantly see any changes to their rotas, more easily record work done at each client thereby allowing more precious time to attend to the care needs of clients. All care concerns can be easily sent to the office for follow-up. All call visit times are accurately recorded.

For the office

Allows the office to be more responsive to clients’ needs thereby providing safer and more effective care.

Electric bikes

We have introduced electric bikes at some of our offices for those carers who do not have driving licences and who need to travel from one client to the next. They allow us to employ more carers who we would otherwise not be able to employ while also avoiding extra congestion and fumes to the areas they work in. They aren’t suitable for everyone but they do help enormously for those who don’t yet have a driving licence or car.

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