Coronavirus – the numbers that still really matter

June 19, 2020

Great to see that the BBC 10 o’clock news now shows the seven day rolling average of daily virus related deaths. I’d like to think that they changed the way they present their numbers as a result of reading my blog but I acknowledge that this is unlikely!

As of yesterday the average daily deaths was 146 – down from a peak of 943 on 14 April. This is an 85% reduction which, in my humble view, justifies many of the easing measures now being put in place by Government.

I’m looking forward to further relaxation of rules – a reduction of the 2 metre rule to 1 metre in schools would make a huge difference to their ability to get back to normal and for kids to resume their schooling, and for both parents to return to work (or their normal other activities). Another measure that would be very welcome is a relaxation of travel restrictions so that the many millions of key workers who have worked throughout the pandemic can take a well earned break.

Best wishes to all our clients, all our carers and all their families. Almost without exception they have handled this crisis with dignity, calm and a quiet determination to get through this. Thank you.

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